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Mycroft/Lestrade fic - Who You Are

Title: Who You Are

Word Count: Actual 12,078

Fandom/Pairings:BBC Sherlock. Lestrade/Mycroft and John/Sherlock.

Rating: Rated M to be safe and for swearing, kissing, etc.

Warnings/Spoilers: Set after 'A Study in Pink' therefore warnings for possible spoilers for all three episodes of the first season. Warning for slash pairings, male/male, yaoi, gay, etc. Warnings also for my badly written deductions and crimes.

Summary:Lestrade first met Mycroft Holmes while doing paper-work, he didn't know who Mycroft was or would become. But after an incident in a country cottage things begin to change as feelings are found and recognised. Mycroft/Lestrade, John/Sherlock.

It's easier to post the link to the fic on than to post it here where it has to be split up.


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